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What we do: We are a Respite Center & life enrichment activity play place for children with special needs and disabilities. We accept all CHILDREN. Every child is different in their individual needs :) We are a place that offers extra Respite support for the families in a safe loving therapeutic environment with hands on individualized recreational play & fun activities. Children will create their own life enriching PLAY experience every time they come. All play "is not the same" children retain various information from their play experiences why NOT provide them an unrestricted opportunity to add life enrichment play & exploration to their lives while giving their caregivers the opportunity to take a short break of their daily duty.



Children we serve:

 We welcome all children, ailments, disabilities, and syndromes to come and play with us. Children with Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, Developmental Delays, autism ASD, Asperger's syndrome, down syndrome, Trisomy 21, Epilepsy, Hearing Impaired, OCD, Sensory Integration, Visual Impairments, Neurological deficits, ADHD, Intellectual disabilities and many more. We encourage and will allow this loved and special group of people to reach their full potential with our professional onsite staff and quality adapted environment toys, and equipment. We serve all children that are” Special” in their needs.

Definition of what we stand for:

We stand for allowing caregivers quality time for a relaxing break to regroup and debrief and an inclusion pathway for children with special needs to enjoy activities that they would otherwise avoid and to have the same play opportunities as traditional kids. The ability to have a quality social life among peers like them that also enjoy fun and exciting activities; without being denied "experiences" because of the need for specialized accommodations. We stand for allowing the” whole child an environment that is safe and exclusive for them; where they can live their truth and be themselves without judgment or funny looks, a place where they are accepted whole heartedly just as they are.  We want parents of these children to know they are not alone in this venture called life and that we are a safe haven with qualified trained staff and can be the extra support they need while giving the child the opportunity for engaging life Enrichment play in their absence.

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