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Providing the Wayne County, Metro Detroit and surrounding suburbs, a Respite drop off center & Play place, that provides daily supervision, socially engaging fun, interactive activities, and exploration opportunities for kids with disabilities and special needs.  A place that promotes rest for caregivers & hands on fun, recreational, educational, and developmental adaptive activities and adventures for people with intellectual social/emotional or physical disabilities through independent play in their caregivers absence. Our Play station areas may include, physical play, STEM, exercise and movement, arts and crafts, sensory, visual stimulations, touch and learn, cause & effect, social events & gatherings, music, science, dance, media, AVR and virtual technology, just to name a few. Our toys and materials are autism friendly and ADA approved. We also support wellness, and FREE community events such as health screenings, holiday parties,  CPR trainings,  parent support classes and more.

Enrichment Activities:
  • Illumination "black light" Glow visual stimula

  • 7 "play stations" to explore

  • Create & Take activities

  • Lassie Faire Jungle Gym

  • Creative Arts and Crafts

  • Math, Science and discovery experience stations

  • Hands on Media and Technology station               

Station 1 Pluto play Space (lazziefaire gym):

Experiences may include: Jumbo foam, construction, building blocks, liquid tiles, soft mat, yoga, music & movement, interactive mats, felt wall, busy boards, floor piano, put-put golf, bowling, bells, dancing scarves, rhythm sticks, obstacle course, magnetic tiles, wooden train, manipulatives, leapTV interactive system & more.

Station 2 Illumination Station (dark light room):

Experiences may include: Visual Sensory stimulation, Neon lights, strobes, projection themes, glow in dark paint, glow in dark chalk wall, mesmerizing picture displays, calming toys, fish tanks, soft melodies, eye and hand coordination, light up toys, neon glow, light effects and more.

Station 3 Constellation Station 1 (arts & crafts):

Experiences may include: Sand & water play, build your own craft, seek & find, markers, crayons, yarn, tissue paper, glue, clay, play dough, foam, slime, painting, stamping, woodshop, canvas art, scratch & reveals, craft sticks, pom- poms, gems, glitter, pipe cleaners, google eyes and construction paper and more.


Station 4 Orbits Observation area

Experiences may include: social development activities, fidgets, liquid tubes, puppets, dolls, interactive kitchen toys, moods &emotions activities, dress up, pretend play, ethics & cultural activities, listening lotto, read along books and listening games, bongo, community helpers, puzzles, differently able activities.

Station 5 Milky Way Galaxy

Experiences may include: Counting, balancing, time, measurement. language activities, socialization, realistic interactive play, themed displays adventures and props, sensory bins, trinkets & treats claw machine and more.

Station 6 Saturns sitting area

Experiences may include: Puppet play, felt board, lacing, reading, library, view finders, binoculars, kaleidoscopes, floor games, block people play, busy boards, fidgets, kinex, sensory tubes and more.

Station 7 Orbits Observation (science and STEM)

Experiences may include: virtual reality toys, Drones, AVR headsets, I-pad, Edu cube, magnetics, puzzles, literacy and academic learning activities, light box, magnify glass, science preserved specimens, tactile, engineering, orbies, short circuits, telescope, microscopes and slides to view, plants, animals, fossils, weather and nature activities and more.

Note: Parents will sign a disclaimer upon entry into the play center. A new community play experience begins every 2 hours daily, and all activities, equipment & toys are sanitized and changed monthly to explore new experiences every time you come, you wont get tired or bored and definitely won't be able to experience everything in one visit :) Guaranteed! 


Truly, "A special place to Stay or play!"



What we offer:

RESPITE PLAY DAY: Drop your child off so that you can enjoy some “FREE time” this service is used to allow you relaxation, time away, run errands, grocery shop, enjoy a spa, doctor appointments or to just take some personal time away from the hassle of everyday caregiving. Register online to secure your 2hr time slot with another "FREE" 1/2- hr included with advance online registrations.

VONNIES WORLD STAY & PLAY: Bring your child in for a safe ridicule free environment. Specifically adapted for their needs of play, with state of the art equipment and ADA approved Toys. This service includes: one FREE spectator pass  (included) a parent or caregiver with an advance online paid purchased time slot.


This service is for people 13yrs -older, whom have aged out of childcare but still requires adult supervision. Mostly used for afterschool for working parents, holidays, weekends and school closings. This program has been canceled due  to low participation until further notice,,, please check back soon.


Some services are offered as philanthropy with donated talent, time, goods and funding; as a Non-profit it is our due diligence to give back to the community. The love we have for humanity, to build up the health, spirits, mental health and wellbeing of families & children with special needs is our top goal. Our free events allow opportunities for kids enjoyment fun and activities during the holiday seasons, or to just have social gatherings as a collective group to build friendships.

***Please note spots may fill quickly for a certain time blocks or a specific event, so advance registrations are encouraged to "guarantee" your spot is reserved and the time you need is available and secured for you. Please note: All FREE events have limited seats that often fills up fast.


Value-Added Programs, Perks and Promotions

Book a class group field trip for 20 or less students; email: discount: entry is $15.00 per child with 1 teacher FREE, each additional teacher $5.00

Rewards Plus Perks Pass: Get ten punches and receive 1 of three choices on 10th punch...

1. A free 2hr birthday party rental

2. A free respite day or

3. A free activity play date.

Leave a review and get a 20% discount off your next visit

Free event "Hobbies has it Saturdays" every last Saturday of the month beginning March 26th, 2022 is now canceled due to low participation  until further notice,,, please check back soon.

Free event "Sundays Groovin Sounds" every 1st Sunday of the month beginning April 3rd, 2022 is now canceled due  to low participation until further notice,,, please check back soon.

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