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Meet the founder/owner: Her name is Mrs. Saunda Cunningham, a licensed Nurse in the State of Michigan and an Emergency Medical Technician, she holds a CDA degree in early childhood education & child development, and an administration certificate. She is a wife, Nurse, Teacher, mentor, author, and entrepreneur that loves writing, art and scrapbooking. She loves children, and enjoys taking adventures and spending time with her three children;1 set of twin boys and a daughter with special needs name Savona (Vonnie for short) which is where the name of this Respite & Activity center derives; called “Vonnies World". It is truly a special place to come stay or to just play, Mrs. Saunda, understands the hurdles and challenges of having a child with special needs and wants Vonnies World to be a solution for other families looking for somewhere to take their child to enjoy a more rewarding life  with Play within their capacity. That's why it was important for her to act on this Vision from GOD and establish a safe, loving, fun & engaging activity PLAY place that also provides a self pay Respite care program. "Our services will impact so many families in Wayne County and beyond in the special needs communities. " We are Open and ready to be of a service for families in need of our services."

Come and see for yourself what all the excitement is about and all that we have to offer you and your family members. We look forward to you coming to stay & play with us!


Thank you for your service Ms. Saunda!

"The Opening of this Center made my day knowing how dedicated and big hearted you are for all students with special needs!"

                              Mrs. Annette (Franklin Middle School SXI teacher)


"As a parent of a child with special needs, I understand myself the problems and challenges that we face when it comes to advocating and getting specific services, and equal opportunities for our kids as oppose traditional children. It makes my heart glad to know that Vonnies World will break some current barriers for Michigan families that has a child with special needs" as it pertains to respite care. It will give these families a place to come to outside of their private residence to relax and allow their child to feel comfortable while playing and socializing, without fear of being trampled on, looked at oddly, or made fun of; it also creates a safe avenue for respite stay day," I have been there"!  Vonnies World will be an appropriate option for your childs exploratory and social needs.

It’s their” world” where they can feel safe, loved, explore and have fun without restrictions!

Special needs is defined as by what a person can’t do or have difficulty accomplishing. We use appropriate adaptions and ADA approved & adaptive equipment and material, our toys are easy to use and operate. 

Definition of what we stand for: We stand for allowing a pathway for children with special needs that would otherwise avoid enjoying life by allowing them hands on entertainment, doing activities or given opportunities that would otherwise be a denied experiences because of the need for specialized accommodations. Allowing the” whole child an environment exclusive for them.  We promote inclusion so that every child has life enrichment beyond their capacity, disability or need!


You! The parent are not alone.....




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